Silencis, gestos, moviments, accions

In 2001 the theatre company PuntMoc is born, entirely about physical theatre, gestural and absurd humour. Founded by four of the Boada brothers, actual writers and actors. Since its beginnings, the Boada brothers have realised four shows of long duration, both for street and closed stage, while they have created animations and sketches of different themes, holding the possibility to have them personalised, cut and measured to one’s preference, personal vision and upon request. All of PuntMoc’s works are of their own creation with original ideas, scripts and interpretation. In year 2002 they created their first show, “La calle de las zapatillas” (The street of slippers), a street show with incorporated juggling techniques and acrobatics. In 2004 one of the brothers, Pau Boada, quits the company, which until present day remains a trio, formed by Guillem, Juli and Héctor.

In 2009 PuntMoc presents its first stage show, MARÔNIA, jointly with folk music group Bauma. The recipe is composed by gestural theatre, live music and plenty of humour. With this show the company toured in many theatres, stages and summer festivals, largely embraced both by the public and programmers. In the year 2010 the show “Don’t worry, be dead…” debuts, a documentary street show with a more cynical and critical sense of humour. This show toured during the summer, all through the Iberian peninsula, including part of Portugal. In 2012 “GAGSonTRIX” debuts, with Rakel Ezpeleta’s participation in the role of director. This show is presented in many theaters, national and international festivals, such as International Mime Festival of Chuncheon, in South Corea and Mimoff Festival in France. In year 2013 the show wins three prizes in the Theatre Demonstration of Barcelona: Best Show, Best Actor (equally divided) and Prize of the Public. They are also awarded with the Best Actor prize (equally divided) at the International Festival of Noctivagos.

hectorSince the age of 15, he has devoted his life to performing arts, many times in combination of different capacities but especially as an actor. He trained as an interpreter following many intensive courses, specialised in acrobatics, juggling, view points and contact impro, theatrical improvisation, vocal technique and saxophone among others. He has recently completed a Mime Body Drama course at the Physical Theatre MOVEO of Barcelona. His career as an actor currently has his own company PuntMoc at its centre, as one of its founders, scriptwriter and actor since 2001. He also has worked with other theater companies of physical and experimental theater such as Vol-Ras, La Quadra Magica, Cia. Les Roses, Pau Faust, Doctor Alonso or The Balls. He has also worked in parallel behind the cameras in various advertisements.

Their training courses thrives on intensive technical voice veiw points and contact improv, juggling, acrobatics , improvisational theater, etc. He has conducted academic studies at the Barcelona School of Theatre Scale. Combines an actor with a musician, forming a percussionist in the school band Radio Barcelona. He is a founder, writer and performer of the company PuntMoc since 2001 he has also worked with the Company Theatre Building Piera and commercials the agency Actors Gallery . As a percussionist working with experimental music group Enga Bucle after a long career in various musical groups.

guillemHe has coursed intensive technical courses of voice, body movement, juggling, view points and contact impro, improvisational theater, etc. He has also received training in Moveo School of Physical Theatre and Dramatic Corporeal Mime in 2012. His career focuses on music: has completed Intermediate Level of Musical Studies Conservatory of Igualada. He is a founder, writer and performer of the company since 2001 PuntMoc He has also appeared as an actor in the Theatre Company Piera Development . As a musician (guitar, piano, saxophone and clarinet) has been part and has worked with musical groups as Enga Loop and Letengers.