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Apparently, DENARIUS’ world is simple and cheerful. Everything is fast, instantaneous and effective. This world has a perfect round shape, like a coin. Just as this one, it twists like a spinning top and displays both sides of the coin.

Throughout a complete combination of body and voice, movement and figures, sketches and poetry… PuntMoc shows us six parallel stories performed by three actors who play more than eighty characters. Please, sit down, turn on Airplane Mode, take off and get swept up in the PuntMoc’s wordless imaginary world of DENARIUS.

September 2016, GAGSonTRIX turns 4 years old and is invited to travel for the first time to Germany to the Herbst-WinFest in Radebeul.
PuntMoc prepares itself for two intensive days: special participation in the parade at the opening ceremony of the festival, four performances and the closing party of the festival. The german audience enjoys and applauds for the performance of GAGSonTRIX. The same audience votes for GAGSonTRIX out of more than 40 shows to be the winner for the Award of the Best Show.
PuntMoc returns to Barcelona with its sixth award since GAGSonTRIX was created, this show doesn’t stop surprising the brothers Boada! How many more surpurises might come?

Gagsontrix returns to Barcelona with a new image. Under the name A todo Gags (Full Gags) returns for what will be his third season in the Catalan capital.

The locationthis time will be in the theater Teatreneu, every Saturday of May at 21.00 h, you can enjoy the humor show more award-winning 2013-14 season.

You can get tickets for the show in or