DENARIUS, “Denarius World is apparently simple and happy. Everything is fast, instantaneous and efficient. Denarius World is perfectly round…  just as a coin when it spins like a whirligig top… and that’s when we discover it’s two faces.”

The 3 Boada brothers interpret more than 80 characters. Attention, please: fasten your seat belt, open your mind and let yourself go into the imaginary and “adrenaloco” world of PuntMoc.

The spectators tremble, reborn, grow, play (the music) and die (laughing).


Denarius was the name of a Roman silver coin, also symbolized by an X.

The Denarius, became the basis of the new monetary system, made up of the following coins: Denarius, Sestertius Quinarius, and As. These were the first battalion of monetary figures that, frantically and merciless, began to break through in a society ready to be conquered. Offering no resistance at all, this society allowed them to install for long term, and hence becomes the current “capitalist welfare society”.

This reality, sometimes too unfair but which we tolerate naturally, is the one PuntMoc presents going all out. Through their absurdist humor and with a cheeky and funny tone, they recreate the Denarius World, and they add such innocence to it that it seems a delirious body game. The music is reaffirmed in the staging as a basic pillar in its own character. This time the voice –not words- appears on stage with an extraordinary prominence.

DENARIUS is a painting of reality, watching which it’s easy to confuse laughter tears and weeping tears.





A production by: PuntMoc
Idea, dramaturgy and performing: PuntMoc
PuntMoc are: Guillem Boada, Juli Boada and Héctor Boada
Directed by: Valentina Temussi and Oscar Valsecchi
Wardrobe design: Gala Garriga and Carlota Masvidal
Lighting design: Mateo Martínez
Graphic design: Marta Pau and
Pedagogic project: Lucia de la Guía
Management: Lucie Lafleur


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