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PuntMoc has always been a company advocating for fresh theatre, dynamic, spontaneous, this is why we open the door to another aspect of performance : improvisation.

Creating different characters that follow a minimum plot improvise with what the space and the public is offering.

Completely camuflaged among the public in a way that it is not possible to distinguish whether they are actors or whether it is real, or taking up the starring role in a highlighted way, the three characters selected for the occasion will offer the most comical and surreal situations. Entertainment for all ages and suitable for parades, fairs, places or events, without fixed and completely spontaneous. PuntMoc are also able to offer the possibility to create a theme and characters focused on a specific event so that the theatrical enactment has something in common with the party or event.



Punt Moc are – Guillem Boada, Juli Boada and Héctor Boada.
Script and interpretation – PuntMoc.
Directed by – PuntMoc
Production – PuntMoc