This show is suitable for audience of all ages. It’s created in such a way that both adults and children over 6 years old enjoy it equally.

Plasticity of body figures and the restless movement of the actors get to fascinate all the audience, no matter how old are they. “GAGSonTRIX” is 30 minutes long.

With “GAGSonTRIX” Boada brothers expose themselves in a risky proposal: no scenario, no props and no words. Simply three actors (their bodies and their creative minds) –well, yes, with some cloths on-. Their game takes audience where their imagination goes.

Three performers metamorphosing from human to animal, from animal to energy, from energy to laugh, from laugh to… countless characters, concerts, spiders, films, thieves… Everything filled with rhythm and surrealist humor. Willing to squeeze the imagination up to its last consequences?
“GAGSonTRIX” Is fresh, sparkling and dynamic. This show is a combination of a very fine job of physical theatre, a remarkable example of pure mime and great doses of humor, and a very close and up-front relationship to the audience.




Rakel Ezpeleta

Director GAGSonTRIX, PuntMoc company. Born in Vitoria-Gasteiz. BA in History of Art from the UPV / EHU and PhD in Theatre Studies from the UAB and Barcelona Theatre Institute. He was trained as a theatrical and musical performer in the USA and Paris. Higher Professional Diploma in Musical Comedy (Coco Comin) and a Diploma in Meisner Technique (with Javier Galito-Cava), among other formations. He received a scholarship in 2007 and 2009 to investigate Krea Contemporary Expression Basque experimental theater. Combines the creation and interpretation in companies like La Quadra Màgica and L’específica with teaching in various performing arts schools.






-BEST SHOW – Herbst Weinfest Radebeul, Germany 2016.
-3 th BEST SHOW – Festival Mimoff of Perigueux, France 2014.
-BEST SHOW – 18ª Mostra Teatre de Barcelona 2013.
-BEST ACTOR – 18ª Mostra Teatre de Barcelona 2013.
-AUIDENCE AWARD – 18ª Mostra Teatre de Barcelona 2013.
-BEST ACTOR– Festival Internacional de Teatro Noctivagos 2013.



DSC_2412PuntMoc are: Guillem Boada, Juli Boada and Héctor Boada
Created and performed by: PuntMoc
Directed by: Rakel Ezpeleta
Touring technician: Artur
Photography: Ardila
Logo and poster Design: David Belzunce
Video: Estudi Carmel
Production coordination: PuntMoc